The Distance from Here: A Play

The Distance from Here: A Play

Neil LaBute

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 2:00350166

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

His films In the Company of Men and Your Friends and Neighbors both gained critical renown for their biting satire and caustic wit. Now, with The Distance from Here, he has written his most riveting play yet, an intense look at the dark side of American suburbia. With little to occupy their time other than finding a decent place to hang out—the zoo, the mall, the school parking lot—Darrell and Tim are two American teenagers who lack any direction or purpose in their lives. When Darrell’s suspicion about the faithlessness of his girlfriend is confirmed and Tim comes to her defense, there is nothing to brake their momentum as all three speed toward disaster.

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hall. Hey, Mom? CAMMIE Yeah? DARRELL You really don’t remember those forts we used to make on the porch? I mean, with that blanket ’a yours— CAMMIE Nah, I really don’t. DARRELL Huh. CAMMIE I can see that house in my head and all, but not so much specifically about it. ’S a bad time for me, you know, just married and I was pregnant, too, ’member? Yeah. Lost the kid, though, that summer I lost it and Shari’s dad and me at each other a lot. Fighting. (BEAT) Not, like, the best chapter for

bench outside Sears and I couldn’t find you for, maybe, twenty minutes . . . Shit like that I recall, but you, I mean, just you as an individual—you never really made that big an impres­sion— CAMMIE yawns and exits the room. DARRELL looks back to the TV. Tries the remote. Nothing. He stands now, going to the console and wiggling a wire in the back. Still nothing. Suddenly, he smacks the side of the set savagely several times. Like magic, a sharp picture appears. Satisfied, DARRELL checks his

that, mess around down there, don’t got the stomach for it. Feel like a total fag— TIM Just shove it. DARRELL All right, we’re outta here . . . fucking primates, had enough for one day. Like my step-nephew, plays all fucking day, still don’t get enough. I hate that age— TIM Which? DARRELL Little. I hate ’em when they’re little. TIM —yeah. DARRELL Let’s go check out the new Nikes, something like that. TIM Sounds good. DARRELL Whatever. (toward the apes) You got anything we can

want me!! You like me, don’t ya, you do— RICH Little prick, come on! Get off!! You are a squirrelly motherfucker— RICH sits on top of him now, twisting his arm. DARRELL ’Kay, oww, shit, I give!! RICH laughs and pulls DARRELL to his feet. They slap at each other and then DARRELL grabs his coat. RICH The fuck outta here . . . (DARRELL smiles and disappears out into the night. RICH looks around as he lights up again. After a moment, CAMMIE appears with two beers.) Hey. CAMMIE Hi. (BEAT)

Right. BOY You going tomorrow? DARRELL Later. Maybe some dodge ball in gym or something— BOY That’d be sweet! (to the GIRL) You coming? She falters a moment, looking at DARRELL. GIRL Ummm, yeah, in a minute or so. Gonna bum a smoke first— BOY ’Kay. Whatever— He moves off into the darkness. DARRELL stands with the girl in silence for a bit. DARRELL —fucking weeknights, huh? GIRL Yeah. DARRELL Boring as shit— GIRL Yep. DARRELL That dick . . . wouldn’t go back with me, cut

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