The Dream of the Golden Mountains

The Dream of the Golden Mountains

Malcolm Cowley

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0140059199

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

sequel to Exile's Return (I have the epub, but it's not the original Kindle version). The 1930s

not my scan, not my pencil marks, I've just improved a pdf of a 2nd hand book

The Communist Manifesto and Other Writings (Barnes & Noble Classics)

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Revolutionary Apocalypse: Ideological Roots of Terrorism

The Dream of the Golden Mountains











incensed by such_-"doles to the rich," as The New Republic often called them, and Ti: -Is hard-for me not to feel indignant today as I think back on those unbelievable times. Nothing in the economy seemed to rna ke sense, and nothing done by the government produced the desired effect. It was said that the RFC loans would revive the whole system of credit, would make it easier to find capital for new industries, and hence would create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. It was said that

familiesjived ~ead at five cents a loaf, while others raised their own vegetables if land was available. Even on Manhattan Island, with its p_s>isonedSoil, there were backyard vegetable plots-1 could see them from my windowand a much-praised committee managed to find enough vacant lots for a thousand "family gardens," where potato vines yellowed among the broken bricks. Twenty or thirty miles away on the Long Island truck farms, there was a huge crop of potatoes that summer, but half of them

peace. People now came to see us on their return from Pennsylvania mining towns or the Imperial Valley or the textile mills of the South. The stories they told were of incredible poverty leading to strikes and demonstrations that were suppressed by clubbing, flogging, kidnapping, sometimes lynching-in other words, by the criminal violence of the "better people" and the lawlessness of the law. We listened and took notes for editorials, wishing there were something more we could do. Together with

situation that FROM A COFFEE POT / 147 flattered the Communists, who boasted about it in the party press and tried to conceal their distrust of these new allies. iVleanwhile they used the converts as best they could, partly as errand boys, but chiefly in the large effort to create a sense of common purpose in the working class. "Art is a class weapon," the Communists kept saying, and it seemed at the time that the weapon might become more effective in the United States than it had been in

Thompson said that, having lived in Europe through most of the past decade, she did not know much about the United States, and was anxious to learn, to get a feeling about the country." Many other writers had tried to get that feeling, but they were laboring under a new handicap. Partly because they had fewer personal worries than the unemployed or the small businessmen, but also because they were more willing to adopt new beliefs, the mon:_cxtreme the bett_e~.-th~y w~_e onG_e_ again-losing

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