The Empty City (Survivors, Book 1)

The Empty City (Survivors, Book 1)

Erin Hunter

Language: English

Pages: 128


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the author of the bestselling Warriors and Seekers books comes a thrilling new animal fantasy series. In Survivors, Erin Hunter shows readers the world through the eyes of dogs, as she did with cats and bears in her earlier series.

The Empty City begins with the Big Growl, a devastating earthquake that changes Lucky's world forever. Lucky has always been a Lone Dog, but now he needs a Pack in order to stay alive, so he teams up with a group of Leashed Dogs who have been separated from their owners.

Lucky's vivid point of view and the pulse-pounding action make for the start of an addictive series. The time has come for dogs to rule the wild!

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Fierce Dog could clear that great rip in the earth. He was safe! Safe … but starving. Lucky’s hunger returned, as painful as being kicked in the gut by a cruel longpaw. Desperate and miserable, he laid his head on his paws and whimpered softly to himself. He was alone. Alone, lost, and scared. Maybe he should have gone with Sweet.... But then what? They might both be starving by now, and he’d have a second belly to fill. This way, Lucky had only himself to look after. And he had always been

as it was the big dog sprawled on his flank, staring in shock at the swinging, spitting cable. “I’m sorry, Old Hunter, I—” “No,” he growled softly. “No, Lucky. Thank you. I should have known. Been more diligent. I thought the light-power was dead.” Cautiously regaining his feet, the old dog sniffed delicately at the water, then used a paw to swipe at the meat, knocking and dragging it safely away. “Careful,” said Lucky. “I will be. The light-power snake would have bitten me. I’d be hurt or

important that you—” A wailing whine cut through the air, and all the dogs’ heads snapped around to stare at Sunshine. “Daisy!” she cried, turning one way, then the other, on the verge of yet another panic. “Where’s Daisy? She’s gone!” CHAPTER ELEVEN What trouble has Daisy got herself into? wondered Lucky. Sunshine was dashing in frantic circles; Martha paced back and forth as Mickey tried to herd the group around Lucky. But the other dogs were too frantic to obey. “We’ve got to look

and pawed the ground. “Let’s get started!” Sunshine bounded after Lucky, along with Daisy and Alfie, as he trotted out of the makeshift camp. “We could go back toward the field where we saw the longpaws,” suggested Alfie. “What do you think, Lucky?” At his side Daisy shivered nervously. “Maybe not exactly that direction,” Lucky said, with a swift reassuring nuzzle at Daisy’s head, “but we could take a wide circle around it. I don’t want to run into any of those yellow longpaws again, but there

yelps and growls quieting, they all turned sadly toward him. Martha padded close and nuzzled his face. “Lucky,” she whined softly, “what will we do without you?” Firmly ignoring his own ache of regret, Lucky yapped with determined eagerness. “You’ll be fine! I have to look after myself. I’m sure you don’t want to be responsible for me.” “I wouldn’t mind that,” whimpered Daisy mournfully. “But, Daisy!” Lucky wagged his tail energetically, hating their distress and forcing lightness into his

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