The Essential René Magritte

The Essential René Magritte

Todd Alden

Language: English

Pages: 120

ISBN: 2:00286298

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Focusing on Rene Magritte, this is one of an illustrated series which provides accounts of the lives of individual artists, professional and personal anecdotes, and concise definitions of cultural and social movements that shaped their work. Magritte was a master of optical illusion whose influence on pop culture is evident in advertising, corporate logos, consumer products and design. The book examines his deceptive images of shrouded lovers kissing, trains roaring out of fireplaces, bowler-hatted men floating through the air, and pipes that might not be pipes.

For readers who are short on time, long on curiosity, and turned off by art-world jargon, Abrams presents a series of hip, entertaining books on artists and pop culture. A fascinating account of the artist's life and work. With concise sidebars on major players and cultural and social movements that shaped the artist's work; fresh anecdotes, both professional and personal & 66 Superb, full-color reproductions, including 54 plates in full color.

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Smoking? A little confused, we might ask: he spells What is Magritte smoking? out the lessons of his paradox in an article Fortunately, published in La Revolution surrealiste in 1929: Lesson number one: "There and what represents an image of a pipe assaults our habit is it." connection between an object is little Magritte attacks Platonic assumptions that identical with the essence of the pipe. of saying "This is a pipe" when we He thus see the paint- ed image of a pipe,

interpretations. Unlike Surrealists scious, who delved into the murky realms of Magritte sought to create lucid images. Put off by the and accessible. He —unlike those of other writ- —were clear consciously crafted an intellectual world of "dreams that are not intended to titles make you sleep but to wake you up." Even his reinforce the enigmatic quality of his paintings: Magritte's friends were mostly poets and he would often Surrealist tory" Surrealists inter- many

and originality his nose at collectors at the time, he contin- ues to befuddle art historians and art lovers over the trajectory of his artistic "development.") Time keeps on Magritte spends a visit — for a Slipping, Slipping, Slipping... fair amount of time in London — is major Surrealism exhibition for a retrospective staying at the of his own work home of one of in 1938. His first followed by a longer trip at a gallery his collectors, run by Mesens. While Edward

he abandons the colorful Vache his familiar apparently at the request of Georgette. "well-made pictures of yore," Although brushstrokes from the Impressionist period occasionally re-emerge in his paintings, Magritte leaves these jewels behind for latter-day audiences "to step and in" to decide for themselves. 87 Les Chants de Maldoror In 1948, seventy-seven of Magritte's wonderfully strange VtMWMflMN 1 pen-and-ink drawings are published funessm new in a Les Chants de

and This is play with fear A to Z pictures not a pipe (is it)? 52 60 62 Surrealist hanky-panky 69 Time 72 for a Bottles, sunshine, and cows Paintings The The commercial break wrapped in paintings godfather of Pop? last word 82 94 102 108 The False Mirror Imagine this: You're out for a walk one afternoon and you notice the powder-blue sky dotted with puffy white clouds. Suddenly midnight, even though hanging above you it's —oh only 3:00 jeez! — is of it!

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