The Even Bigger Book Of Gross Jokes

The Even Bigger Book Of Gross Jokes

Julius Alvin

Language: English

Pages: 183

ISBN: 1575667894

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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• • • What does Princess Diana haue in common with Hugh Grant? They both bought it in the b ackseat of a car. • • • • The Even Bigger Book of Gross Jokes Did the British Secret Service kiLL Princess Diana? No, the French underground did it. ••• What's worse than getting red wine off a carpe t? Getting Di off the uphols tery. • •• DI AND DODI TOP FrvE RECORDS Leader of the Pack Lord, Won't You Buy Me A Mercedes-B enz? Die Like an Egyptian Dead Man's Curve How Much is that Dodi in the

for dinner. His mom kept bitching at him. saying. "l hate all your friends." Jeffrey says to h er, "So just eat the salad." • • • • The Even Bigger Book of Gross Jokes How did Jeffrey Dahmer like to spend his spare time? He h ad friend s over for lunch. • • • What were D ahmer 's last words to the guy that killed him in thefight? "Hey buddy, I used to eat guys like you for breakfast!" • • • D id you hear about the new J effrey Dahmer freezer? Seats six and more headroom. ••• • Gross

brewery whe re her husband worked. The foreman told h e r, kl'm sony to inform you, ma'am, that your husband drowned today in one of our vats of beer." "Oh. my God! Was it quick?" the wife asks. "No. it took some time, " the foreman said. "Well. then, did he suffer much?" "I don't think so," was the reply. "He got out on four separate occasions to urinate b efore he went under for the final time." • • • What's more cruel than sending an anniversary card to Yoko Ono? Sending a Father's Ramsey's

Gross Ethnic Jokes and More How does a Puerto Rican social event review in the paper always begin? ~Among those wounded in the gunfire were . . ." • • • What do you say to a Puerto Rican business executive? ''I'll take a dime bag." • •• Did you hear they came out with a new Oprah doll? Ken and Barbie needed a maid. ••• Why should you be suspicious of any guy who lceeps passing gas around you? Because farts are faggots' mating calls. ••• G The Even Bigger Book of Gross Jokes What do

a time and a half ..... ••• Why do Puerto Ricans even bother to get driver's licenses? Because they come in handy for cashing bad checks. D ••• • • • • • • • a~aN:~AAO ~H~~ .N:~3 S SOHD OS What is the perfect gift to give a dead baby? A dead puppy. ••• What is the d![ference between karate andjudo? Karate is a martial art, whtle judo is what bagels are made from. ••• c The Even Bigger Book of Gross Jokes What is the most common pic/cup line in a lesbian bar? MYour face, or

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