The House of Bernarda Alba / La casa de Bernarda Alba: English / Spanish Text with Vocabulary and Notes (Methuen Student Edition)

The House of Bernarda Alba / La casa de Bernarda Alba: English / Spanish Text with Vocabulary and Notes (Methuen Student Edition)

Federico García Lorca

Language: English

Pages: 102

ISBN: 2:00279098

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

literal translations with some notes and background, along with the Spanish text. good for transition from intermediate to advanced spanish learners. for example, after finishing Spanish for Reading (available on tracker), this could be tackled with success.
Bernarda Alba is a widow, and her five daughters are incarcerated in mourning along with her. One by one they make a bid for freedom, with tragic consequences. Lorca's tale depicts the repression of women within Catholic Spain in the years before the war.

Edited with invaluable student notes - a must for students of Spanish drama

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verbal table-tennis. This translation seeks, therefore, to capture the essential confrontational quality of his language. On the other hand, the syntax and rhythm of some of Lorca's longer sentences, as wdl as particular Spanish phrases, do not always transpose easily into English, and in these cases it is necessary to make some adjustments. But in general the intention is to provide a translation of the play which will be useful to actors and to students of Lorca. The translation There are

asunto. Su padre mató en Cuba al marido de su primera mujer para casarse con ella, luego aquí la abandonó y se fue con otra que tenía una hija, y luego tuvo relaciones con esta muchacha, la madre de Adelaida, y casó con ella después de haber muerto loca la segunda mujer. AMELIA. Y ese infame, ¿por qué no está en la cárcel? MARTIRIO. Porque los hombres se tapan unos a otros las cosas de esta índole y nadie es capaz de delatar. AMELIA . Pero Adelaida no tiene culpa de esto. MARTIRIO. No, pero las

looking at ADELA). They do sometimes! 1 adore underwear. If 1 were rich, l'd have it all macle of Dutch linen. lt's one of the few pleasures l've still got left. PONCIA. This lace is perfect for a baby's bonnet, or for a christening gown. 1 coulcl never clress mine in it. Let's see if Angustias can use it for hers. If she starts having chilclren, you'll be sewing clay ancl night. MAGDALENA. 1 don't intend to sew a stitch! AMELIA . Even less look after someone else's children. Look at the women

CRIADA. ¡Es que son malas! PONCIA. Son mujeres sin hombre, nada más. En estas cuestiones se olvida hasta la sangre. ¡Chisssssss! (Escucha.} CRIADA. ¿Qué pasa? PONCIA (se levanta}. Están ladrando los perros. CRIADA. Debe haber pasado alguien por el portón. I don't know what's going to happen here. I'd like to cross the sea and leave this battlefield behind me. SERVANT . Bernarda's rushing the weddin~, so perhaps nothing will happen. PONCIA. Things have already gone too far. Adela's mind is made

literally, 'my eyes, which are clear'. She follows me everywhere : presumably Martirio did not behave in this way until she became aware of Adela's nocturnal activities. I30 THE HOUSE OF BERNARDA ALBA Where do you go at night when you geL up?: a clear suggestion that Adela not only stands at her window, as Poncia observes a moment later, but that she also goes out of her bedroom. 57 the window open: since Adela's bedroom is on the ground floor, Pepe el Romano, on his way to see Angustias,

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