The Island Stallion Races (Black Stallion)

The Island Stallion Races (Black Stallion)

Walter Farley

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0394843754

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

More than anything, Steve Duncan dreams of racing his huge, wild stallion, Flame. The horse is untrained, but incredibly fast and Steve just wants to show him off. When two strangers show up and offer to make Steve’s dream a reality, Steve cannot believe his luck. But soon he realizes that a professional racetrack is no place for an unbroken stallion.

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remote spot to see us come in.” They were talking about the golden mass of light, only it was more than light. It was their ship and it was still there, above that small grayish-white patch, without being visible! Sudden alarm passed through Steve like an electric shock, shattering the numbness that had brought immobility to his legs. He moved them now, seeking to turn and run. But their hands caught him quickly, keeping him still, and he knew he could not get away, that all hope of escape was

fuss-budget, afraid to leave me alone a minute.… My, your Flame is a beauty, Steve!” he went on excitedly. “Just look at him go out there! I’ve never seen better action … as slick as light, I’d say! I do hope you’ve given more thought to that little trip I suggested this morning. We’d have a time, all right!” He re-entered the cave, his eyes searching Steve’s. “I won’t take Flame away from the valley,” Steve said, afraid for his horse. “Nothing you can do will make me.” “Oh, I know that, all

things Jay still didn’t know about him! “I’ve watched them race a few times,” he admitted. “And Flame is faster?” Jay prodded eagerly. “After all, we wouldn’t want to go to the work of getting him there and then have him lose the race. It would be a terrible disappointment for both of us.” Steve had no time to answer for at that moment Flick, puffing hard from his climb up the trail, entered the cave. “What’s ailing you, Jay?” Flick asked angrily. “I’ve never known your conduct to be worse

run around the walled amphitheater of yellow, towering stone; they were alone except for the band of mares that would scatter at Flame’s swift approach. If he could make believe it was that way, it would help. At least until they were off and running. Then he could let himself think of the race itself, hoping to make the right moves. If he could just get Flame out in front early, clear of all the other horses and running, then … yes, then there would be nothing to this race but a great red

come from squinting in the glaring sunlight for hours at a time. His black hair was cut short and uncovered. He could have been any average and normal American boy … except for what he was about to do. In that respect, he did not conform to rule or type or standard. He took the Sea Queen into the gray mist. If he heard the heavy thud of waves crashing hard against the wall of stone beyond, it did not seem to frighten him. He went in a direct line now. The engine throbbed noisily as though in

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