The Naughtiest Girl Again (Naughtiest Girl, Book 2)

The Naughtiest Girl Again (Naughtiest Girl, Book 2)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 99


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The naughtiest girl in the school is back! And this term she's trying to be good. But someone wants to spoil things for her. And they're not going to let her forget how she got her nickname!

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learn duets again this term!" "Say good-bye to your people now," said Miss Ranger, coming up to the little group. "The train is just going. Find places as quickly as you can," Miss Ranger was Elizabeth's form-mistress. She was strict, very just, and quite a jolly person. Elizabeth and Joan were delighted to see her again. She smiled at them and went on to the next group. "Do you remember how Miss Ranger sent you out of the room last term for flipping your rubber at people?" said Joan, with a

Elizabeth. "Kathleen's come in." Jenny stopped at once. All the children looked round, and felt rather uncomfortable when they saw Kathleen. Belinda started up the gramophone, Somebody began to whistle the tune. Nobody liked to look at Kathleen, Elizabeth sat down in a corner, wishing that Jenny hadn't said quite such awful things in Mam'zelle's voice. Suppose Kathleen really thought that Mam'zelle had said them after she had been sent to the common-room to do her forgotten home-work? She stole a

and we shall be very pleased to give you the money. Also, I would like to say that the whole School appreciates the way that you and John work at our garden," Elizabeth blushed with pleasure. This was quite unex~ pected. She sat down with a word of thanks, John grinned in delight at her. "What did I tell you?" he whispered. "You can always trust William and Rita to be absolutely fair!" "Any complaints or grumbles?" asked Rita. A small boy got up promptly. He was a cheeky-looking child, and had

ran to the door and opened it- but the mice had disappeared! Goodness knew where they had gone! The little girl ran down the passage, looking everywhere, but the mice were nowhere to be seen. Jenny was really fond of her mice, Tears came into her eyes and she brushed them away. But others came, and she did not like to go back to the classroom crying. So she leaned against the passage wall for a minute, trying to fight back her tears. Someone had played a mean trick on her! Someone had tried to

stop any time, and change to something that is really you!" "I remember being awfully jealous of my little sister," said Belinda. "I know how Robert felt." "So do I," said Kenneth, "It's a horrid feeling." "Well, it's quite a natural one," said Miss Belie, "Most of us grow out of it, but some don't. Robert just hasn't- but he will now that he sees clearly what has happened. It isn't anything very dreadful, Robert. But doesn't it seem rather silly to you that a boy of your age should be teasing

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