The Secret Hen House Theatre

The Secret Hen House Theatre

Helen Peters

Language: English

Pages: 157


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Since the death of her mother, Hannah’s family life has been somewhat chaotic. Her father is absorbed by running their dilapidated farm, and the four children are increasingly left to their own devices. These include “farming” each room of the house, looking after an enormous pet sheep called Jasper, and writing and directing plays in a disused hen house. But when the farm is threatened with demolition, Hannah determines to save it and realize her dreams at the same time….

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flame as it flared up with a little hiss. The wind blew it out and he dropped it on the pavement. Hannah looked at the matchbox in his hand. There was something scrawled in biro on the cardboard. A mobile number. And a name. Hannah strained her eyes to make it out. Miranda. Jack had Miranda’s name and number written on his matchbox. In Miranda’s handwriting. Of course. He was going to Miranda’s dress rehearsal on Saturday, wasn’t he? The silence thickened. Hannah fished desperately inside

stationery into his arms and ramming them back into the broken canvas bag. “There you go.” He held out the bag so she could tip her meagre catch of pencils into it. Hannah finally dared to lift her eyes from the pavement. And there he was, his face just centimetres from hers, her green eyes level with his brown ones. “Are you OK?” he asked awkwardly. “Yes. Fine. Thank you.” She held his gaze for a second frozen in time, looking at his lovely face, framed by his curly hair and silhouetted by

are such losers,” said Lottie. “I always knew Jack Adamson was a loser.” “You promised you wouldn’t say ‘I told you so’.” “I didn’t. I just said—” “It was an accident. They didn’t set the barn on fire on purpose.” “Idiots,” said Lottie. “Lighting a fire in a barn! And then not even putting it out properly! Stupid, pathetic idiots. Oh, come on, Hannah, you can’t deny it.” Hannah said nothing. She couldn’t argue with Lottie because she would lose, but she couldn’t let go of the beautiful

inside and Lottie closed the door behind them. Danny’s room was laid out exactly as Martha had described it. The only thing that surprised Hannah was how tidy it was. For some reason, she had expected it to be a tip. From their questioning of Martha, they had worked out that the painting could only be in one of two places. Unless he had already got rid of it. Or destroyed it. No. She couldn’t let herself think like that. The wardrobe was in the far corner. Lottie pulled open the doors.

“What are you talking about?” Hannah twisted her fingers together. “I invited Jack to our dress rehearsal. It was supposed to be a secret but I invited him. And that’s why he and Danny burned the barn down – because they got bored and went off and lit a fire instead. And that’s how Danny knew where the theatre was to come and vandalise it.” She held her breath. “So?” said Dad. Hannah looked at him. “What do you mean?” “So you invited people to your play. You didn’t invite them to burn down

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