The Secret Island (Secret Series)

The Secret Island (Secret Series)

Language: English

Pages: 163

ISBN: 1841351415

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A film-script novelization combined with the Enid Blyton magic with updated story lines, scenery and plenty of action.

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rock. �We’d better hurry. It won’t be long before they’re here.” The children hurried down to the beach. Jack and Mike stamped out the fire, and carried the charred wood to the bushes. They scattered clean sand over the place where they had the fire. They picked up all their belongings and hid them. �I don’t think anyone would find Willow House,” said Jack. �The trees really are too thick all round it for any tripper to bother to squeeze through.” �What about the hens?” said Peggy. �We’ll

that,” said Mike. �Jack only brought three old vests, a shirt or two, and an overcoat.” �Well, we can wear a vest each, and a shirt, and I’ll wear the overcoat, and you can wrap the old blanket I brought all round you!” said Jack. The boys took off their wet clothes and changed into the dry ones. �I’ll hang your wet ones out to dry as soon as the rain stops,” said Peggy, squeezing the rain out of them. �I can’t see a thing here,” said Mike, buttoning up his shirt all wrong. �Well, light the

she said. �Don’t be silly!” said Mike. �You’re as bad as those women trippers over the bats! There’s nothing to be frightened of. A storm is a grand thing. We’re perfectly safe here.” �A storm is just a bit of weather being noisy!” laughed Jack. �Cheer up, Nora. We’re all right. You can think you’re lucky you’re not Daisy the cow. After all, we do know that a storm is only a storm, but she doesn’t.” Crash! Rumble! Crash! The thunder roared away, and the children made a joke of it, inventing

for them all, and they drank Daisy’s creamy milk. Then the girls went into the back room of Willow House and snuggled down on the warm heather there, and the boys lay down in the front room. In half a minute everyone was asleep! Again Daisy the cow awoke them with her mooing. It was strange to wake up in Willow House instead of in their outdoor sleeping-place among the gorse, with the sky above them. The children blinked up at their green roof, for leaves were growing from the willow branches

a long way up, a spot of bright daylight came through into the dark cave. Jack was puzzled. �I think some rabbits must have burrowed into the hill, and come out unexpectedly into this cave,” he said. �And their hole is where we can see that spot of daylight. Well - the fresh air comes in, anyhow!” From the big cave a low passage led to another cave on the right. This passage was so low that the children had to crawl through it - and to their surprise they found that this second cave led out to

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