The Secret of Killimooin (Secret Series)

The Secret of Killimooin (Secret Series)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 152

ISBN: 1841355631

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A film-script novelization combined with the Enid Blyton magic with updated story lines, scenery and plenty of action.

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thick and dark it was. Now it no longer looked merely a great stretch of green; they could see the trees themselves, tall and close-set together. The river flowed on and on towards it. The raft reached the outermost fringe of trees, and the river then disappeared into the forest. The boys were swept along on the raft, and as soon as they entered the forest, the sunshine disappeared, and a dim green light was all they had to see by. �How dark and thick the trees are!” said Jack, awed. �The river

from the forest, going towards the huts. They had nothing on at all, except for a strip of skin round their waists. They were dirty, and their bright hair was tangled and long. They wore bright bird-feathers behind their ears, and looked real little ruffians. A woman appeared at the door of one hut, and the children shouted to her. Paul turned to the others. �Did you understand what those children said? They said they had been to see the big men who were prisoners! So Ranni and Pilescu must be

rushing torrent. There was a narrow ledge, as Ranni had guessed. It was wet and slippery, and sometimes so narrow that it seemed impossible to walk on it. But by finding firm hand-holds in the rocky wall of the tunnel, the climbers managed to make their way steadily upwards. Once Paul slipped and fell. He almost jerked Ranni off his feet, too. The boy half fell into the rushing water, but Ranni caught hold of the rope and tightened it quickly. The boy was pulled back to the ledge, and knelt

brushed the big Baronians face. Ranni was half-lying, half-sitting. On his head was an enormous bump where he had struck it against a rock. Beowald’s fingers felt the bump, and he wondered what had caused it. His hands ran down Ranni’s body and he felt that the man had his arms tied behind his back. He took out his knife and, with a careful stroke, cut the leather thongs that bound Ranni’s hands together. The big man stretched out his arms gladly, trying to get some strength back into them for

delightful. Jack lay back on the couch and wondered if it would be possible to find out anything about the Secret Forest. He would ask every goatherd he saw whether he could tell anything about that mysterious forest, hidden deep in the heart of Killimooin. �If anyone knows anything, the goatherds should know,” thought the boy. Then he spoke aloud. �Paul, how do we go to the mountains where the little castle is? Do we ride on ponies?” �No - we drive most of the way,” said Paul. �But as there is

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