The Secret Speech (The Child 44 Trilogy)

The Secret Speech (The Child 44 Trilogy)

Tom Rob Smith

Language: English

Pages: 440

ISBN: 0446402419

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Tom Rob Smith-the author whose debut, Child 44, has been called "brilliant" (Chicago Tribune), "remarkable" (Newsweek) and "sensational" (Entertainment Weekly)-returns with an intense, suspenseful new novel: a story where the sins of the past threaten to destroy the present, where families must overcome unimaginable obstacles to save their loved ones, and where hope for a better tomorrow is found in the most unlikely of circumstances . . .
Soviet Union, 1956. Stalin is dead, and a violent regime is beginning to fracture-leaving behind a society where the police are the criminals, and the criminals are innocent. A secret speech composed by Stalin's successor Khrushchev is distributed to the entire nation. Its message: Stalin was a tyrant. Its promise: The Soviet Union will change.
Facing his own personal turmoil, former state security officer Leo Demidov is also struggling to change. The two young girls he and his wife Raisa adopted have yet to forgive him for his part in the death of their parents. They are not alone. Now that the truth is out, Leo, Raisa, and their family are in grave danger from someone consumed by the dark legacy of Leo's past career. Someone transformed beyond recognition into the perfect model of vengeance.
From the streets of Moscow in the throes of political upheaval, to the Siberian gulags, and to the center of the Hungarian uprising in Budapest, THE SECRET SPEECH is a breathtaking, epic novel that confirms Tom Rob Smith as one of the most exciting new authors writing today.

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LEO COUNTED AT LEAST THIRTY TANKS, a column advancing along the main boulevard into the city. A deployment of this size, mobilizing at six in the morning, meant a full-scale Soviet invasion was imminent. The insurgency was about to be wiped out. Leo hastened down the hill, running back to Karoly’s apartment. Climbing the stairs, two at a time, he reached the top floor landing, pushing open the door. Karoly was seated at the table, reading a leaflet. Leo explained: —The Soviets have mobilized

—We’re going to run away, tonight. I don’t know where we’ll go. But 0we’ll survive. I’m good at surviving: it’s the only thing I am good at, except maybe killing. Zoya considered for a moment, asking: —Fraera? —We can’t tell her. We wait until everyone is at the party and then we go. What do you say? Will you come with me? ZOYA DRIFTED IN AND OUT OF SLEEP. In her dreams she imagined the place where they’d live, somewhere far away, a remote farm, in a free country, hidden by forests. They

knife behind his back and turning the light off. In the hallway he laid the blade flat across his palm. He glanced at his daughters’ bedroom. He stepped toward the door and gently pushed it open. The room was dark. Both girls were in bed, asleep. In the process of retreat, silently shutting the door, he smiled at the slow, shallow breathing of Elena sleeping. He paused, listening carefully. He couldn’t hear any noise coming from Zoya’s side of the room. She was holding her breath. 14 MARCH

do a better job, if they could bring the girls happiness, something Leo had so utterly failed to provide. Raisa appeared at the door: —What’s going on? She’d come from their bedroom. She didn’t know about the bedwetting, the conversation, referring instead to Nikolai, the phone call, the midnight meeting. Leo’s voice was cracked with emotion: —Nikolai was drunk. I told him we’d talk when he was sober. —That took all night? What was he waiting for? He should sit her down and explain.

the sixth floor and any fall would be fatal. Flicking out a knife, Malysh lifted the catch, opening the window and entering the apartment. Wary of Zoya making a noise, he turned around, offering his hand. She waved it aside, gingerly lowering herself to the floorboards. They’d broken into the living room, a large room. Zoya whispered in Malysh’s ear: —Does she live alone? He nodded curtly, not appreciating the question—any question. He wanted silence. The size of the apartment was remarkable.

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