The Sick Lovers Joke Book

The Sick Lovers Joke Book

Sidney Spite

Language: English

Pages: 126

ISBN: 0770105475

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A joke book


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Letters from a Nut

Comedy: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)

The Million Dollar Policeman

Anonymous Lawyer






















war gmes. lee cream guarntd. Discretion a must. (Nap time obsrvd.) *** BIRD IN HAND Lonly S M seeks woodpecker. Shrp beak req. Grubs suplied. Audubon membrs ned nt. aply. *** THAR SHE BLOWS SWM seeks SW whale. Into obsessive behav. 8000 gal. tank on prem. No harpns. *** WIDE RECEIVER SF sks high scring ftball team. No cleats. *** NEARLY NORMAL SWM sks SWM or SWF into tuba sex, sports gear, rubber soldiers and sewing paraphnlia. No weirdos, please. Love and Literature What's red and has

driving around in a new car. He said a young woman had pic1

at a redneck wedding? She's the one who responds to the pig call. I 14 What's the difference between a cock ring and a wedding ring? You use the cock ring after the wedding ceremony. *** What's the difference between a fiance and a fiasco? A fiance can have a fiasco after the wedding. *** What do you call two billy goats at a Greek wedding? The bride's brother and father. *** Women dress in running clothes and never jog. They dress in skimpy bathing suits and never go sw1mmmg. But when they

want to end my life. It's been hell living with these terrible horse teeth of mine. No man finds me attractive." "There, there," said the man. "I think you're attractive. I don't notice your teeth at all. You've got a nice figure. Now, if you want to know what unattractive is, just look at this terrible wart I have on my nose. It's hideous." "You really think I'm attractive?" said the woman. She was starting to feel less despondent. "Well," she went on, "I can hardly tell you have a wart at all!"

nothing unusual. "But I can see him through the window," said the old woman. The house detective looked through the window and still could see nothing. "You can't see him from there," said the old woman impatiently. "You11 have to get up on this chair!" 56 What did the old virgin say when she died? "Who says you can't take it with you?" *** What was the old maid's idea of nightlife? Mice. *** What's the definition of an old maid? A woman born before the Supreme Court legalized abortion. ***

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