The Young Black Stallion: A Wild and Untamable Spirit!

The Young Black Stallion: A Wild and Untamable Spirit!

Walter Farley

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0679813489

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this prequel to The Black Stallion, we learn the story of the Black before he was shipwrecked with Alec Ramsay. Born in the mountain stronghold of Sheikh Abu Ishak, the colt shows great promise. During a band of robbers’ attempt to steal him, the colt escapes and learns to survive on his own in the high mountains. Will he ever find his way home?

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pursuit like a pride of hungry lions trying to run down its prey. Shrill war cries spurred the horses on and quickened the pace of the chase. This was Abu Ishak’s game, the one he played best. His men whipped their mounts, pressing them to greater and greater speeds as they swept across the plain, but the young black stallion continued to widen the gap between himself and the other horses. Shêtân skimmed over the ground on long, slender legs, half on the earth, half in the air. He inhaled great

he faltered in his ascent for a moment he would pause and then, finding firmer ground, push ahead once again. When Abu Ishak and his men reached the base of the cliff, they watched as Shêtân climbed higher and higher up the impossibly steep incline. The men uttered cries of disbelief as the stallion scaled the ridge wall. His hooves slipped again, but this time he could not regain his footing. Body heaving, hocks trembling, the force of gravity finally overwhelmed him. The stallion shrilled

pain of the rope in his mouth, but no animal could resist the cruel pressure of the war bridle for long. His legs began to tremble. Mansoor gave the rope another twist to remind the stallion that he was in charge now. Then he turned to his men and shouted, “Get ready, I’m going to bring him in!” The men cautiously began to move forward. While Mansoor and his men were preoccupied with Shêtân, Rashid slipped away and scrambled out of sight behind an embankment. His first instinct was to make a

cross each other and one person suddenly finds himself eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation. If anyone had ever told Alec that he could have one of these experiences, he would have called them crazy. But now he couldn’t help but wonder if this “crossing of wires” might explain what had happened and how, for a short amount of time, he had shared the life and experiences of someone else in a far different time and place. Who could explain it? Whatever had happened, the Black seemed to be

greatness. Finally, he lay still. IBN AL KHALDUN 3 The black colt’s eyes and movements had disclosed only curiosity and interest in the robed figure coming up behind the old man. He had no reason not to accept the newcomer as he accepted the others in the tribe of Abu Já Kub ben Ishak. His world had been one of great peace and contentment, and his care and feed the best. But suddenly, the old man had screamed, his cry rising in the air and filling the pitched ears of the black colt. The

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