There is an Awful Lot of Bubbly in Brazil: The Life and Times of a Bon Viveur

There is an Awful Lot of Bubbly in Brazil: The Life and Times of a Bon Viveur

Alan Brazil

Language: English

Pages: 210

ISBN: 2:00199828

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The best-selling autobiography of talkSPORT radio show host and ex-footballer Alan Brazil and his life as a bon viveur.

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physically threaten a man like Richard Murray, who is universally regarded as one of the most gentlemanly administrators in the game. I have been entertained at lunch by him and he is bright and cordial. Though of course he didn’t become fabulously wealthy in the world of TV and showbusiness by being a wilting flower. If there had been a fight, I reckon he would have made mincemeat out of the loutish brother – and that would have raised a few cheers in the football world. One of the other more

Rye Tops, and she was being ridden by Pat Eddery, who for me was the top jockey of the day. But in the hours before the race Eddery got stuck in a traffic jam on the A1. There had been a big crash, and the tailback was huge. Mobile phones were not really in popular use in those days, but somebody had picked up a message that the jockey wasn’t going to make it. This was a really big blow. I wondered if it was better just to forget the whole thing, but then I managed to get hold of a mate in

Again it was about rivalry, but also about how to turn negatives into positives. I hated the feeling as I came off the pitch. It was just about the biggest gubbing I’d ever had as a footballer at any decent level. The opposition were jubilant and weren’t afraid to hide it. I felt like a second-class citizen in my own city. The Bluenoses had triumphed. My feelings about Rangers became very intense on that day. I vowed I was one day going to avenge that defeat. And I was going to do it

liked just to walk the streets looking at the old squashed-up buildings, or to go down to the docks after training to watch the boats coming and going. There were plenty of docks where I came from, but they were involved in the berthing of huge cargo ships from around the world and shipbuilding in Govan. On my first visit I stayed in the Carlton Hotel in Berners Street. These days I often use the Carlton Hotel in London’s West End. Comparing the two would be like comparing a bowl of gruel to a

fresh glory in Italy in 1990, when they were thwarted by the Germans in the semi-final. But the real answer is, nothing. OK, so Scotland have not appeared in the World Cup finals as often as England. But what do you expect? We only have five million people. And, when you think about it, the contribution Scottish players have made to the tapestry of British football has never been properly recognised. All the English clubs that reaped great European success in the seventies and eighties were full

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