This All Happened

This All Happened

Michael Winter

Language: English

Pages: 302

ISBN: 0887846610

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The commodity a fiction writer sells is his own life, his spirit. This is especially true in fiction that draws from autobiography. In Michael Winter's journal-à-clef, This All Happened, we are exposed to the kernel of truth that exists in each day. Told from the viewpoint of Gabriel English, the work opens windows onto a richly textured, fast-paced filmic compilation of daily vignettes over one calendar year (if Fellini were a Newfoundlander...). Gabriel's promises and actions early in the year have their repercussions by the end. Gabriel's passion for Lydia Murphy leads him into paroxysms of jealousy—but he never abandons his shrewdly witty perspective on the vagaries of modern love. Concrete and delicately rendered, This All Happened depicts a man's descent from love to fury.

Sorta comme si on était déjà là

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what kind of cake it is. She says, It was a cake I had on the plane from Halifax. I’ve had it in my mind now for a week. Youre trying to make an airplane cake? It was good. 14 I love my binoculars. Watching a rollerblader tack down Signal Hill Road. Then I see that it’s Craig Regular. Cars brake, weave around him, using up a lot of gas on the brake and accelerate. Craig wears an orange traffic vest. He’s zipping, dipsy-doodling, turning down Battery Road. He has no idea I am watching

anger blooms out of love. Whereas I see I’ve upset her, and I’m afraid of Lydia’s anger, but I never blame her for the argument. I try to see where I went wrong. What I resent is that she never does this, sees where she’s wrong. 5 Vinyl siding is going up in strips. Why. Why not a vat of liquid plastic that you ooze over houses. I would like that. I’m not opposed to plastic. But if it stood for what it was and did not pretend to be wood. If you could be proud to call it genuine plastic. You

question: If it wasnt tapered your asshole would slam shut. He laughs. We used to say that all the time when we were kids. I go to the washroom. I pee red. Oliver is at the next urinal. I’m peeing red! He says, Did you have any beets today? 9 This is my last barbecue of the year. I’ve decided to invite both Maisie and Oliver. Oliver has brought salmon. It slips off the spatula onto the dirt path. Oliver looks at it. Then grinds the fish into the dirt with his heel. Wilf,

But then I am just another man and we have no obligation. So the freedom to be easy and drink and tell all. Wilf asks Lydia to get up and they whisper and they sing the song I thought was our song, Wilf on guitar. Lydia sings with her thumbs hooked through her belt loops. Earl Quigley wins the door prize. I never know where I’ve put my ticket. The pints are cheap until eleven. And I want to get plastered. I point to my empty glass. 27 For the first time, the black roof below is

importance of brevity, clarity, heart, and story. I thank Anne McDermid for finding a home for this work, and offer much appreciation to Martha Sharpe at Anansi for taking a risk on me. I hope Martha gets a good return on her risk. Much of This All Happened was written and edited during time funded by the Cabot 500 Year of the Arts program. May you all visit Newfoundland. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Michael Winter was born in England and grew up in Newfoundland. He has published two

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