Three Cheers, Secret Seven (The Secret Seven Centenary Editions)

Three Cheers, Secret Seven (The Secret Seven Centenary Editions)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 132

ISBN: 0340680989

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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clock. The members gazed at Peter in real admiration. Here was a chief indeed! Why, he had behaved like a first-class detective - and he had stood up to Grim and the man from the bank like a hero! 'You should have seen Peter when he came out of that house!' Jack said, when Peter had finished his tale. 'He was in such a rage that he slammed the front door till it nearly fell off its hinges! And his face was as red as fire, and . . .' 'That's enough,' said Peter, his face looking almost as red

snipping off dead daffodils. She was very pleased to see Pam. 'Why, Pamela!' she said. 'I didn't expect you this afternoon. Have you come to tea with me, dear?' 'No, I'm afraid not, Granny,' said Pam. 'I've got orders from Peter to interview you about someone.' 'Good gracious!' said Granny, surprised. 'Interview me? What about?' 'About a gardener you once had, called Georgie Grim,' said Pam, taking out her note-book. 'You see, Granny, the Secret Seven is on to a mystery again, and we're

listen to the way the Seven had proved Grim's honesty - and his kindness to his wife - and then, to cap everything, they heard the astonishing ending! 'There we were, up in the tree six feet above the balcony, trying to see who it was coming knocking on the window of that curtained room - and when the curtains were pulled and the light streamed out we saw who it was.' 'And who was it ?' said Peter's father, really excited. 'It was Grim,' said Peter. 'Yes, it really was, Dad! Someone from

big letters, S.S., and Scamper, the golden spaniel, sat outside as if guarding the shed. It was quite an ordinary shed in the usual way, but it seemed very important to Scamper when the Secret Seven held a meeting there. 'Here comes someone,' said Peter, as Scamper gave a small bark of welcome. 'Rat-tat!' There came a sharp knock on the closed door of the shed. 'Password!' called Peter. 'And don't yell it, please!' 'Lollipops!' said a voice, with a little giggle at the end. 'That's

water and gas?' said Janet, feeling rather clever. 'Oh, yes -1 turned everything off,' said Alice. 'So if any of you are thinking of moving in there, you'll have to get me to come and turn things on again for you!' Everyone laughed heartily at this little joke, and Peter looked triumphantly at Jack as he, too, laughed. So the gas had been turned off, had it? Then how did that gas-fire come to be burning there, up in the balcony room? My word, they had learnt quite a bit from Alice! 'Isn't

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