To Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable-Path Adventure

To Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable-Path Adventure

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 0735212198

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The greatest work in English literature, now in the greatest format of English literature: a chooseable-path adventure!
When Shakespeare wrote Hamlet he gave the world just one possible storyline, drawn from a constellation of billions of alternate narratives.  And now you can correct that horrible mistake! Play as Hamlet and avenge your father's death—with ruthless efficiency this time. Play as Ophelia and change the world with your scientific brilliance. Play as Hamlet's father and die on the first page, then investigate your own murder… as a ghost! Featuring over 100 different endings, each illustrated by today's greatest artists, incredible side quests, fun puzzles, and a book-within-a-book instead of a play-within-a-play, To Be or Not To Be offers up new surprises and secrets every time you read it.

You decide this all sounds extremely excellent, and that you will definitely purchase this book right away.  Because as the Bard said: “to be or not to be… that is the adventure.”

...You're almost certain that's how it goes.

To Be or Not To Be originally launched as a record-breaking Kickstarter project. This new, reader-friendly edition features the same text and illustrations as the original version, redesigned to take up half as many pages and weigh a whole pound less.

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women really liked his sexy words But it made them sad, and I’m one of ’em. Aw turds He was beautiful and noble but now he’s cray-z And that’s all on this subject I’ve got to say, G. By the time you finish nobody has shown up, so you run through your speech again, this time in a singsong voice. La la la, that’s what you sound like. Toodle doodle doo. Turns out, that did it! Claudius AND your father walk in the room! They talk about what you’ve said while generally acting like you’re not

of making me wish that I, as narrator, wasn’t quite so omniscient. Anyway, after a while it’s tomorrow! » Greet the new day « * * * * * * “No man, I’m good for swordfights,” you say, and Osric leaves. Nicely done! Alright, now all we need to do is expose the king. To the royal court! It’s just up ahead, actually! As you step forward, Horatio puts his hand on your chest to stop you. “Look,” he says, “I know you’ve been different since you got back from England. And I know you

around him and you smooch. It’s just like old times. But the moment passes, and when you look at his face you can see concern written all over it. He’s troubled by something. » Ask him what’s troubling him « » Wait for him to tell you « * * * * * * You go down to the hotel bar where you last saw Pat. “Hey Pat,” you say, but Pat is passed out next to his drink. Well. You sure know how to choose ’em, Ophelia. You quickly return to your room to consider your remaining

of points! THE END P.S. Claudius doesn’t come back as a ghost to bother you, which is terrific, because he’s kind of a jerk in any state of being, and I kinda feel bad for him, who wants to be friends with a jerk, not me that’s for sure. * * * » Restart? « * * * You and Hamlet leave the room, but Claudius is nowhere to be found. By the time you track him down again, he’s in the royal court talking to Laertes. “Okay, so you believe me when I tell you that Ophelia was

* * * “Abandon ship! All hands, abandon ship!” you yell into the storm. The crew looks at you in shock, but there’s not much they can do. “You want us to jump into the ocean?” someone yells. “I don’t want you to jump into the ocean!” you reply. You bite down on the blade of your sword and begin to climb one of the ropes leading up to the pirate ship. Some of your men nearby realize what you’re doing and join in, climbing up other ropes. Part way up, you turn around, grasp your sword, and

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