Tolstoy's Diaries Volume 1: 1847-1894 (Leo Tolstoy, diaries and letters Book 3)

Tolstoy's Diaries Volume 1: 1847-1894 (Leo Tolstoy, diaries and letters Book 3)

Leo Tolstoy

Language: English

Pages: 412


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'An important and long-overdue contribution to our knowledge of Tolstoy.' D. M. Thomas, Sunday Times

Volume 1 of Tolstoy's Diaries covers the years 1847-1894 and was meticulously edited by R.F. Christian so as to reflect Tolstoy's preoccupations as a writer (his views on his own work and that of others), his development as a person and as a thinker, and his attitudes to contemporary social problems, rural life, industrialisation, education, and later, to religious and spiritual questions.
Christian introduces each period with a brief and informative summary of the main biographical details of Tolstoy's life. The result is a unique portrait of a great writer in the variegation of his everyday existence.

'As a picture of the turbulent Russian world which Tolstoy inhabited these diaries are incomparable - the raw stuff not yet processed into art.' Anthony Burgess

'A model of scholarship, one of the most important books to be published in recent years.' A. N. Wilson, Spectator

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was in hospital for twenty-two days and they charged him five roubles fifty copecks. He couldn’t pay. ‘Off to the police-station then.’ Off he went. They took him into a room and locked him in. ‘When you bring the money we’ll let you out.’ He left them some grain. Nikita from Salamasovo asked for money simply because he was poor; I gave him three roubles. 25 April Talked yesterday with Seryozha and Urusov. Today, a beggar woman from Kaznacheyevka, drunk. A widow from Grumant. Her boy would do

And how much work has gone into it! But the whole journal is a selection of articles without ideas or clarity of expression. […] 3 November, Yasnaya Polyana […] Thought: It’s a great mistake to think that the Kingdom of Heaven is out there beyond the grave, and just as great a mistake to think that it’s here. It’s within one, and when it’s within one, then here and there are inseparable. […] 5 November, Yasnaya Polyana Slept better, but I’m still having dreams. Spent all morning reading a

Kreutzer Sonata, saying that it was a description of a sexual maniac. This distressed me at first, but then I was pleased that at least it had stirred up something that needed stirring up. Of course it could have been better, but I did the best I could. […] 21 January, Yasnaya Polyana Revised the comedy and read. Sledged with the children on benches. Sonya still very agitated and restless. A strange thing, this concern for perfection of form. It isn’t wasted. But only as long as the content

contains a review of critical responses to What I Believe. 89 Chapter 3 of The Kingdom of God is Within You with its criticism of official church Christianity. 90 His impressions of the murder trial he attended at Krapivna were later used in the court scene in Resurrection and also in the murder episode in The Forged Coupon. 91 G. A. Rusanov, a landowner and university graduate, who greatly admired Tolstoy’s fiction and whose friendship with him dated from a visit to Yasnaya Polyana in 1883 to

and on the move. Spring and time are passing, but my illnesses will never pass. If I had money, I would buy an estate here, and I’m sure that I would be able to manage it profitably – not as in Russia. […] 22 April, Shandrakovskaya Harbour.40 Got up very early, and if I didn’t catch anything I enjoyed the delightful morning. My dogs sometimes race and sometimes don’t, and so I don’t know what to decide about them. In Bolshaya Oreshevka I talked to an intelligent peasant. They are satisfied

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