True Living Organics: The Ultimate Guide to Growing All-Natural Marijuana Indoors

True Living Organics: The Ultimate Guide to Growing All-Natural Marijuana Indoors

Language: English

Pages: 300

ISBN: 1937866092

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

True Living Organics teaches you how to grow organic marijuana both indoors and outdoors. It is the only organic marijuana cultivation guide on the market. The first edition sold over 15,000 copies, and the new edition has over 100 additional pages of all new information and photos detailing how to grow marijuana organically so that it is healthier and tastes better. Organic marijuana is preferred for medical marijuana users as well as recreational marijuana users, and growing organic marijuana is much cheaper than synthetic hydroponic marijuana cultivation systems.

This new edition features all new composting techniques, improved soil mixes for maximizing yield, and all new techniques for organic marijuana gardening, including worm farms, organic tea mixes, and highly effective organic soil amendments. Also includes an all new organic hashish guide which teaches you how to make all-natural organic hash from marijuana without the use of any dangerous chemicals.

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Organics? TLO is an organic style of growing in which the power is given BACK to the plant. For more time than we can understand, plants have been feeding their own needs by finding what they require in the soil in which they live. Cannabis has always done the same. Somewhere along the line, cannabis growers started taking the decisions away from the plant, and after that, they even took away the soil. They force-fed the plants nutrients even when they didn’t want them. They took away the

slow-release calcium, and that’s the first benefit, but wait, there’s more—when building soil mixes you always want to be somewhat aware of the ratio of calcium to magnesium, which should be around 5:1 respectively. Oyster shell products essentially provide a pure calcium carbonate which breaks down very slowly, releasing calcium for the microbial life, and hence the plants, to use. If your magnesium levels get too high, bad things start to happen, and so this can be a tricky dance, due to the

TLO TWEAKS THAT GO THE EXTRA MILE Here are some of the higher end tweaks I use, and as you get more comfy with TLO you will have your own favorite tweaks as well. Just remember not to do a whole bunch of new stuff all at once because if something goes south you will have too many variables to figure it out. • Get a little earthworm farm, or make one, and start recycling your soil, roots, etc. • Use high-grade organic molasses for teas during flowering stages. • Use a pure water source like

experience with many of their products I think they are high quality and truly all natural. Mycorrhizal Fungus Concerns Plenty of you reading this who think you are all organic and are using the Mycorrhizal fungus religiously are wasting your money. Here’s why: any time you pour a liquid flowering fertilizer that has any real amount of available phosphorus (P) in it onto your plants, you mess with your Myco fungi in a negative way. This causes them to stop doing what they do best, and that

could cause yourself huge problems. You wouldn’t want to do something like replacing the soft rock phosphate with additional dolomite lime, for example. This would likely end up killing your plants due to too much magnesium in your soil mix, which is always a bad thing. There are many mistakes to be made by subbing out things with other things, and not knowing what you are doing. Always be very sure about this if you end up doing it. Here are some great sources for the things you’ll need,

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