Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream

Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream

Neil Young

Language: English

Pages: 512

ISBN: 0142180319

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“I think I will have to use my time wisely and keep my thoughts straight if I am to succeed and deliver the cargo I so carefully have carried thus far to the outer reaches.”  --Neil Young, from Waging Heavy Peace
Legendary singer and songwriter Neil Young’s storied career has spanned over forty years and yielded some of the modern era’s most enduring music. Now for the first time ever, Young reflects upon his life—from his Canadian childhood, to his part in the sixties rock explosion with Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, through his later career with Crazy Horse and numerous private challenges. An instant classic, Waging Heavy Peace is as uncompromising and unforgettable as the man himself.

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record executive who came out to hear me once and went back to his Hollywood record company telling them the material wasn’t ready to record. He really pissed me off. Who asked him? I never worked like that before, and I never will in the future. It’s my music. But now I’m letting go of that. I might buy him a beer and tell him to drink it sometime, but that’s about the extent of it now. I don’t drink anymore myself, I’m moving on. And that’s not to say I won’t drink again. I’m not making

I read on the blogs that legacy artists (i.e., artists with long histories and large catalogs) are just trying to hold on to what they have and keep their money. There is some blogging jerk out there who feels he can generalize his way to validity. I don’t like being put into any group. This guy thinks he knows the motivations of artists like me. I am a legacy artist, like it or not; I have my history, for what it’s worth. I love streaming. What a great replacement for radio! But radio used

mentioned before, a beautiful, soulful girl I met at Falcon Lake who was my first love, in a fantasy setting by the ocean, which of course I had never seen at the time. I called it “I’ll Love You Forever.” We used sound effects of waves. I thought it was really cool. Another song I had written, “I Wonder,” was recorded at CJLX, too. Those tapes live in my archives now. I was writing more, and the Squires played the Hootenanny at the Fourth Dimension Club, a local coffeehouse in town that had

says we both were sitting on the bed together because we had smoked too much weed and were too paranoid, so we were talking each other down. We heard something change in the room where the party was. It got quiet. I bolted out there to see what was wrong. He heard what he thought was a cop’s voice and reached out to stop me, but he caught air. I was gone. Stephen went out the window and went next door to call Ahmet Ertegun, our friend and the president of Atlantic, our record company, to get help

was that the back window had been cracked from a falling coconut somewhere. It was a right-hand drive and had a unique little lever in the dash; if you pushed up, the horn honked, and if you pushed down, the brights would come on. Toggling it back and forth resulted in a classic European blasting-horn-and-flashing-lights combination effect. It also had been equipped with glasspacks. That meant it was loud as hell! I loved it and bought it the next day. I drove it everywhere in Florida. Once

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