Welcome to Just a Minute!: A Celebration of Britain’s Best-Loved Radio Comedy

Welcome to Just a Minute!: A Celebration of Britain’s Best-Loved Radio Comedy

Nicholas Parsons

Language: English

Pages: 464

ISBN: 1782112499

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this first ever official companion, Nicholas Parsons tells the fascinating story of the much-loved panel game. Over the decades, the greats of British comedy have entertained listeners with performances that have come to define our comic heritage—from Kenneth Williams' outrageously funny "battles" with Sheila Hancock, Clement Freud's acerbic wit, and Derek Nimmo's tall tales to Paul Merton's imaginative flights of fancy, Julian Clary's flagrant innuendos, and Pam Ayres' poetic humor. Welcome to Just a Minute! is an entertaining journey through British comedy history and a master class in comic timing, verbal dexterity, and sharp one-liners.

Private Eye [UK], Issue 1335 (8-21 March 2013)

Private Eye [UK], Issue 1335 (8-21 March 2013)

Doctor in Clover (Doctor Series, Book 6)

The Great Texas Joke Book











from a Series 1 broadcast of 15 March 1968, featuring a very sharp challenge from Charmian Innes. Nicholas: Now, Derek Nimmo, it is your turn to begin and I think it’s about time we had a penalty because you’re all playing the game so well. So I’ll mention the subject first to give you a moment’s thought about it, ‘Writing Thank You Letters’. We want you to talk about it for just a minute and never mention the word ‘and’ if you can, starting now. Derek: Writing thank you letters is a curious

this occasion, after I put it to the audience to judge whether Kenneth does indeed have shapely legs, but Aimi wins it back a little later, with two seconds remaining. Kenneth is not pleased. Kenneth: [RANTING IN OVER-THE-TOP MANNER] Two seconds?? That’s disgraceful!!! That’s just giving her this subject which I worked on like … I mean, I’ve worked, haven’t I? I’ve worked ! You’ve seen me work! The sweat’s pouring off me, and now with two seconds you’re going to give it to that numbskull over

producers followed Simon’s departure in 1975 but nevertheless it was still welcome news to learn of David’s return. He was, after all, part of the fabric of the show. David was a charming man; modest, but extremely bright. He possessed an acute sense of what to say at just the right moment to ensure those involved with the show did what he wanted, without upsetting them. Part of that, I believe, was down to the fact that David himself had been a performer and understood how performers think. It

observation, Ian quickly found his feet, producing numerous entertaining challenges. On the subject of ‘The Chairperson’, Derek Nimmo has cleverly twisted the meaning. Derek: My favourite, in fact the great chairperson as far as I am concerned, is Chippendale. Of all the manufacturers of chairs in this country, he probably was the most original … BUZZ Nicholas: Ian Messiter. Ian: Chippendale made very fine furniture … but Hepplewhite was better! The audience enjoy Ian’s challenge here, but I

same thing in the same question. Wendy: I was just letting them know from whence I had left off! [AUDIENCE LAUGH AND APPLAUSE] Clement: Quite right. Derek: I’m sorry, I withdraw my challenge. By the following round Wendy has clearly begun to relax. She is enjoying herself and has the confidence to make a challenge purely to generate a laugh. The subject is ‘Shambles’ and Derek starts off with some outrageous comments about me that we all find very entertaining. Derek: The whole of this

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