Who Was Pablo Picasso?

Who Was Pablo Picasso?

True Kelley

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Pages: 112

ISBN: 0448449870

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Over a long, turbulent life, Picasso continually discovered new ways of seeing the world and translating it into art. A restless genius, he went through a blue period, a rose period, and a Cubist phase. He made collages, sculptures out of everyday objects, and beautiful ceramic plates. True Kelley's engaging biography is a wonderful introduction to modern art.

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paintings were different, but people were buying them. He and Fernande moved into a fancier house. They hired a maid. They spent the summer with Braque in an old villa in the mountains. Then he and Fernande broke up. Pablo said, “Her beauty held me, but I could not stand any of her little ways.” Soon Pablo had a new girlfriend, Eva Gouel. Pablo painted a picture of Eva, called Ma Jolie, which means “My Pretty Girl.” Pablo was in love again. He fell in love many times in his long life. Once

in his cubist paintings. His painting, Three Women at the Spring, shows three figures in classical Greek style clothing. They have very rounded forms and thick legs. Picasso said painting the legs brought back childhood memories of crawling under the dinner table and seeing his aunts’ ankles. At the same time he also painted Three Musicians in a very simplified cubist style. But now the shapes and colors were brighter. The figures looked like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. Why would Picasso change

Picasso said, “It isn’t up to the painter to define the symbols. Otherwise, it would be better if he wrote them out in so many words!” Then, in 1939, World War II started after the German army invaded Poland. Fearing bombings, museums in Paris closed down. Much of the art was moved and hidden in the countryside. Many artists fled the city. So did Picasso with his family. They moved to Royan, a small town in France on the Atlantic coast. In 1940, the Germans occupied Paris. Picasso decided to

toy car for a face, a car spring for a tail, a jug for a body, and coffee cup handles for ears. He made a sculpture of a goat out of flowerpots, a basket, and palm leaves. Pablo was now a happy family man. He spent time with his children, teaching them to swim, playing, and drawing with them. He seemed to have found peace in his life. But did it last? No! Chapter 9 Busy to the End In 1953, when Picasso was seventy-one years old, Françoise left him. He couldn’t believe it! No woman had ever

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