Wildly Gross Jokes Volume XXIII

Wildly Gross Jokes Volume XXIII

Language: English

Pages: 0

ISBN: 0821753509

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The author of Savagely Gross Jokes and Terribly Gross Jokes presents a new collection of hilariously disgusting, revolting, and offensive jokes. Original.

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Extreme Rambling: Walking Israel's Separation Barrier. For Fun.




















wife, but I still love her. This is what we'll do. We'll play one hand of gin rummy, and whoever wins gets to keep her." "Fine," Myron agrees. "But just to keep it interesting, let's play for a penny a ' point." 56 Julius Alvin How do Jews celebrate Christmas? They put parking meters on What do you in A call their roofs. a taco with a food stamp it? Mexican fortune cookie. What is 5-12-6? The measurements of Miss Who killed Somalia. more Indians than Union Carbide. Custer?

says he hasn't, so the doctor writes him out a prescription for a laxative that's twice as strong as the first. "Come back tells in three days," the doctor him. Three days the redneck back. The doctor asks, "Have you moved yet?" The redneck says he still hasn't, so the doctor gives him a prescription for a laxative three times as strong as the first two. Three days later, the redneck comes back, and this time he's smiling. "Can I safely assume that you've moved?" the doctor asks him. later,

The redneck nods and My double-wide was full says, is "I of shit!" had to. 82 Julius Alvin What happened when the prostitute got leprosy? Business started falling What do you call off. a leper in a bathtub? Stew. What did the leper do driver cut him off? He gave him when the other the finger. Six-year-old Suzy runs into the house, all out of breath, and asks her mother, ''Mommy, can little girls have babies?" "Why, heavens no," her mother responds. "Thanks," Suzy

shrink tells Ed, "your wife is depressed because she's not enough sex." "What can I do?" Ed getting recommend "I least ten times asks. that your wife have sex at a month," the shrink ad- vises. "Fair enough," says Ed. "Put for two." me down Then there was the guy whose wife was ailing, so he took her to see the doctor. The doctor He says, is shocked "I don't like her appearance. the looks of your at wife." "Neither do I," says her husband, "but she's great with the kids."

wife and not her lover?" The defendant says, "It seemed easier than shooting a different man every day." let 126 Julius Alvin What's the definition of busy? One set of jumper cables at a Mexican funeral. Why Ku Klux Klan does the like to go surfing with black folks? They get to hang What do you call doesn't charge? A free-holey. ten. a Mexican whore who WILDLY GROSS JOKES What's pink and black and hairy and on a 127 sits wall? Humpty Cunt. What's the difference

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