With Stalin against Tito: Cominformist Splits in Yugoslav Communism

With Stalin against Tito: Cominformist Splits in Yugoslav Communism

Ivo Banac

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Pages: 320

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Book by Banac, Ivo

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ordered that two complete and completely equipped divisions be readied for stationing in Albania."IOS A Yugoslav air regiment was already on its way to Albania. Stalin's reaction was swift. He undoubtedly linked the Yugoslav moves with the proclamation of a Greek provisional government at 105. 106. 107. 108. Dedijer, Novi prilozi, 2:902. Djilas, V last, p. 121. Hoxha, Titista , pp. 387-403 . Djilas, Vlast, p. 121. 40 Divisions Gnimmos, and at the end of December he summoned a Yugoslav pany

The appositional votes came from Serbia (81 ), Vojvodina (2), and Slovenia (1). But even in Serbia, the majority (577) was for the left faction. The right faction was centered on the o rganiutions of Belgrade, KruScvac, Nis, and Pirot. See LukaC, Radnilki pokret, pp. 191-92. 24. Cited in Pi jade, ed.. lstorijski arhiv, 2:42 t. 58 Divisions Moscow's decision was prompted by Stjepan RadiC's visit there in June and July 1924, when the Croat leader, still seeking international allies in his

Otherwise, it will not be valid in the eyes of foreign powers and signifies the separatism that all the allies oppose" (Sabrana diela, 17:3 ). 109. Tito, Sabrana djela, 19:8, 122, 280, 214. 96 Divisions sternly rebuked him, and ordered the members of the KPH CC ro repudiate Hebrang's ideas.tto It was only a matter of time before Hebrang would be forced out of the KPH leadership. Matters came to a head in September 1944. In early September the KPJ CC tried to soften the criticisms that the KPH

within the KPH since 1941. In turn, Bosnia-Hercegovina gave up the county of Dvor (88 percent Serb)-a historical part of CroatiaSiavonia but outside the autonomous Croatia of 1939-and the south Dalmatian operational zone (from the Neretva River to the Bay of Kotor), which had been under the command of the Hercegovinian operational staff since 1942.138 In late 1942 Mob Pijade proposed the establishment of a Serb autonomous province in Croatia, an idea that Tito immediately vetoed.I39 Later on, in

Hebrang was his source in the KPJ leadership: " We state that the Soviet side received no information from Comrade Hebrang. We state that the talk between Comrade Zujovic and the Soviet ambassador in Yugoslavia, Comrade Lavrentiev, did not reveal a tenth of what was contained in the erroneous and anti-Soviet speeches of Yugoslav leaders."tl Stalin went on to denounce the reprisals against Zujovic and Hebrang as evidence of an anti-Soviet attitude in the Yugoslav leadership. Stalin repeatedly

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