WWE Legends - Superstar Billy Graham: Tangled Ropes

WWE Legends - Superstar Billy Graham: Tangled Ropes

Billy Graham

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 1416507531

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

'The man of the hour, the man with the power, too sweet to be sour!' That was how Superstar Billy Graham described himself, and who could argue? Graham was perhaps the single most influential performer of the past thirty years, and the mark of that influence can be found in Superstars ranging from Hulk Hogan to Scott Steiner. His outrageous ring attire and Muhammad Ali-style interviews were a breath of fresh air during an era when sports entertainment was much more bare-bones than it is today. Just as fans flocked to see the Superstar compete in the ring, so they loved to listen to him pontificate on the microphone, even if he was bad-mouthing the Superstars they held dear. With his equally colourful manager the Grand Wizard at his side, Graham toppled Bruno Sammartino from his WWE Championship perch for the last time on April 30, 1977. He went on to hold the prize for nearly ten months, the longest reign for any ring villain in WWE history to this day. Clad in tie-dye and feather boas, the Superstar was a sign of things to come, and boasted a chiselled, muscular physique that was very unique at the time. During the late 1980s, he made a brief return to WWE competition, and even enjoyed stints as a manager and broadcaster. Graham has experienced it all and he's going to be talking about it in this book, with stories about all the legendary wrestlers -- including Sammartino, Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka and Sergeant Slaughter -- that no true wrestling fan will want to miss.

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injuries—all at a doctor’s behest. Then he added, “The real steroid user and abuser is Superstar Billy Graham.” This was a very personal attack from somebody who I considered a friend, and it hit a sensitive nerve. Sure, our business is entertainment. But who was Hogan to be acting so much holier-than-thou? I found it hard to imagine that Hogan, who always acknowledged patterning his career after mine, would make this kind of statement without prompting. I thought, Vince has to have put him up

a half dozen law enforcement officers came rushing onto the aircraft. “Mr. Coleman,” the lead cop said, “we’d like to talk to you outside the plane.” “Regarding what?” “The comment you made to the stewardess before.” I stepped into the interrogation room, replaying the conversation in my mind, wondering if the flight attendant was offended because I’d flirted with her. “Did you tell the stewardess that you had a bomb in your bag?” “Yeah,” I shot back. “I was just joking. It was off-the-cuff.

“I don’t want to do this,” I told her in the car, “but I will—out of respect for the child.” Still, the birth of my daughter was one of the happiest moments of my life, up to that point. The doctor had calculated the little girl’s arrival in early June, and I wanted a name beginning with a “C”—to match Coleman. Believe it or not, I actually considered Cinderella. But when my mother and sisters contemplated the name Cinderella Coleman, they suggested that I drive over to Arizona State Hospital

in the twilight of his career,” I stated, “I will show him no mercy.” The boys laughed and nudged Strongbow: “Twilight of your career.” The Chief stood up and stormed away, disappeared backstage, then came back yelling. I tried to calm him down: “It’s just a promo, brother.” But from that point on, there was tension between us. We never had fun together in the ring. I felt that he was rushing our matches, and wondered whether he was trying to blow me up—get me out of breath—a condition that

his biceps. He talked in prose. He’d talk about the toaster oven system coming at you from inside the radio waves that transponded into a picture in your living room. It was just an amazing television experience. Anybody on the inside of the industry will tell you that he was far from a great technician. But he knew how to mask it. He knew how to accentuate all his strengths and hide all his weaknesses. He was the talk of the town. His momentum was enormous. But I don’t think the company was

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